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As a child freestyle prodigy, Yung Berg never took his talent for granted. Following the success of his 2007 hit “Sexy Lady,” Yung Berg has been on the road promoting his own music, and of course his appearance on Ray J’s current Top 10 hit “Sexy Can I.”

The release of his long-awaited full-length album Look What You Made Me is finally on the horizon, but a successful guy can’t work all the time.

When he’s tired of the limelight and need some “me” time, what does he do? He hops on the PS2!

We took a few minutes of Yung Berg’s time on one of his busy days to discuss the leisurely art of gaming. What [platforms] have you played on, and what's your favorite?

Yung Berg: I still like the PS2, PS3 is cool but I still like the PS2. I don't even know why - it's gonna be my favorite system forever. I guess it's just a true Madden and NBA Live [fan]. That's what I learned on, so I just gotta stay with it. So you just like the controllers better on PS2?

Yung Berg: Yeah definitely. The controllers are way more user friendly, I don't need all that extra s**t. What game do you find yourself playing the most?

Yung Berg: Live, I'm a basketball fanatic. Do you play with one particular team all the time?

Yung Berg: I switch it up, I try and play with the underdogs. I even got the PSP for when I'm not even in front of a TV or something, I could just be on a flight playing it. So I switch it up, it should be the [Denver] Nuggets where I f**k with Carmelo [Anthony] and A.I. or the Bulls from Chicago. So do you challenge your friends? I assume when you're on the road you play quite a bit.

Yung Berg: Yeah definitely, we be playin' for money. A showdown [with a] $100 buy in. Do you lose often?

Yung Berg: Nah, I'm Prince [from the Chappelle's Show sketch]. As far as other games, do you ever play any role playing games or anything [other than sports]?

Yung Berg: Not really. The only other games I'm really into are driving games like car games and things of that nature. I mean I'm old school too. I'm not afraid to say I still love Nintendo 64, like I'll play 007 [James Bond] all damn day with four of my homies and go hard on that. With the driving games, which one has been your favorite to play?

Yung Berg: I can't really say. I'm kinda torn on that. I gotta go look in my bag because I just bought a new game when I was in the last state, I just can't remember the name of it. But the O.G. driving game is always gonna be Need For Speed. Are you looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 4?

Yung Berg: Oh yeah, fa sho. I play Grand Theft as well. I'm into games like that because they have a story behind it and you could really feel like you're a part of the game. Have you been able to beat [Grand Theft Auto] San Andreas?

Yung Berg: Hell no. As soon as I start losing missions I just get on bulls**t and start killing people, causing police problems and seeing how many stars I could get and if I could run from the police all day. With Grand Theft Auto 4 they actually have multi-player action…

Yung Berg: That's gonna be hot. I can't wait for that. So you might have to get the PS3 I think. You're gonna have to upgrade.

Yung Berg: Yeah, I'm gonna have to upgrade, but I gotta wait until the new one comes out. Once the new one comes out and everybody's talking s**t about it and saying it's crazy I'll have to go get it. If you could being back any old school game and make it current, what would it be?
Yung Berg: Nintendo, the O.G. one where you had to blow in the cartridges to make it work. I'm sure you've gotten opportunities to put your music on soundtracks. What games do you feel your songs would fit best with?
Yung Berg: Every game, all you gamers come holla at me. My music doesn't stop, I got too much music. You have a new single out, right?
Yung Berg: Yeah it's called "Do That There" and that would be perfect for Live or Madden or anything.


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