Sunday, April 13, 2008




Trey Songz is always popping up in the news over something. If its not him leaping in the crowd like Wolverine, he’s getting brutalized by the cops. This time, I heard he was at St. Josephs University in Philly and had a lil’issue. I guess the sound man wasn’t on the case all that much and he let the crowd know alllllllllllllll about it. Well, I think the fans took offense since they were there just to hear the homey sing. Well, the crowd reportedly started hurling things at the stage. (This is happening too much, people throwing stuff.) Well, Trey is a real R&B G as I told you. He jumps in crowds and he let it be know that he would kick the collective a** of the crowd if they didn’t stop. Security did manage to pinpoint one person that was pushing the issue and his security was reportedly on him! The boy, security and Trey went outside of the venue and hasn’t been heard from since. The Trey Songz Triangle.

There is more to this story, but I saved it for the end. You won’t believe it…or maybe you will. Either way, it’s a crazy phase.
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