Thursday, May 15, 2008


Remy Ma Manages To Make Her Sentencing All About Her "facade"

Remy Ma—née Remy Smith—was sentenced to eight years in jail for a July shooting outside a New York nightclub yesterday, a sentence that resulted in Remy's fiancé Papoose (birth name: Shamele Mackie) swearing at court officers, overturning a nearby garbage can, and daring the guards to lock him up—hey, conjugal visits are out of the question for now, so why not. The sentencing was preceded by a weeping Remy telling the judge that her larger-than-life persona was merely a figment of the media's imagination, and that it was created by record executives for the purposes of moving product:

"Remy Ma is not even close to who I am," she said through tears. "I'm not a thug. I'm not a hardcore anything. I have feelings and emotions, and I'm a human being like anybody else. I'm Remy Smith."
Perhaps this means that her sniping about C.O.'s lower-than-her net worth was also part of her label's marketing plan. She also took time out to apologize, sort of, to her victim, who was in the courtroom but who didn't get a direct look from Remy:

"I apologize," she said, "and I'm sorry for not saving you. I feel so bad for all the physical and mental pain you went through, and go through. Myself, I have a lifetime scar on my face. So I know the pain you feel when I look in the mirror."
I'm surprised that she didn't add, "But if I got through it, so can you!" to her motivational speech, if only to seal the cluelessness of said statement.

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