Thursday, May 1, 2008

hillary forcloses on the blackvote by wolf

By The Wolf
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Millions of people this year have watched homes that they have owned for decades taken away from them through foreclosure, an after effect of Predatory Lending. According to, Predatory lending is defined as, “the practice of a lender deceptively convincing borrowers to agree to unfair and abusive loan terms, or systematically violating those terms in ways that make it difficult for the borrower to defend against.” In New York City alone, for the 2007-8 year, there we be over 10,000 foreclosures due to ‘predatory lending’ and the majority of these foreclosures will be made against some of the weakest and poorest members of our community, African-American seniors. Across America, states are investigating charges that banks targeted blacks and Latinos in this detestable scheme.

But there is another foreclosure going on in America today, one that we might not think of, but which is filling up our newspapers and magazines, the web and the television. You see, the Clintons have foreclosed on blacks.

In 1992 blacks took out a loan with Bill and Hillary Clinton. We gave them the keys to our home, America, with the agreement that they would help us make this a better place by showing us respect and insuring that people of color would get treated as people and not mere pawns on a political chessboard. To that end we remained loyal. In fact out of America blacks were probably the most loyal to the Clinton brand than any other group in this nation. When Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, we believed him; and when he finally admitted the truth, we were the first to take his side. When he left office, tagged like Hester in the Scarlet Letter, we took him into the heart of Harlem, welcoming him into our community, our restaurants, and our homes. We helped make his wife our Senator. We looked up to him. We admired him. We were loyal soldiers. continue

Listen to the doors slam shut here:

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rapidnurse said...

I felt the door, slam right in my face! BAM! I love this piece! I like the analogy. Thanks for being a truthfighter!

Imani said...


that was ALL the truth and then some....

Kevin Darrell said...

Thankyou so much for your commentaries in this matter. You have brought out so eloquently what I have been feeling along about the Clinton's and this farce of a campaign.